(Frequently Asked Questions)

UNIPCO is a 100% member-owned group of Canadian independent foodservice operators, with the purchasing power to level the playing field with national chains.

United Independent Purchasing Company.

UNIPCO is not a food distributor. UNIPCO is a negotiating party for independent foodservice operators. We are a better option because we are 100% member-owned and we have no retained earnings. As a company, UNIPCO is not a profit center – we redistribute all funds to members based on patronage.

The UNIPCO Promise Letter is an exact annual amount we promise our program will save potential members. We will complete a Promise Letter at no cost to a potential member and there is no obligation to join once a Promise Letter is presented.

The Pricing Analysis process used to create your Promise Letter is very lengthy and involves several people in our organization. UNIPCO’s Member Development Representatives are responsible for the initial analysis, then we have our Pricing Specialists double-check every aspect for accuracy. Once that process is complete, it is reviewed by one of our Management Team for signature. We call it a promise because our analysis is so detailed that we have the confidence to write down an amount and sign it.

There isn’t one. Really! It’s simple math: The strength in numbers of the UNIPCO group means greater support from our suppliers, reduced size allowances from distributors, and greater rebates based on our combined $120+ million buying power. Your $4500 membership fee is paid for by your UNIPCO rebates, so you are never out of pocket, our 80% compliance approach gives ample room to get creative while benefitting all our members, and there is no binding contract – meaning you can leave UNIPCO at any time, should you want to.

Nothing, unless you enjoy countless hours scouring spreadsheets and checking prices, because we will take that responsibility off your plate. As much as anything, UNIPCO offers foodservice operators the opportunity to work on their business rather than in their business. At the end of the day, if you are not satisfied with UNIPCO, we will shake hands and you will owe us nothing to walk away. It’s a zero-risk proposition for you and your business.

Yes. We will measure ourselves every quarter thereafter against our Promise Letter, so it will be clear if we met the amount promised or not. Because membership in our group has no contract requirement to tie you down, members are free to leave whenever they would like, so we believe that if we don’t deliver, members will not stay.

In order for us to bring value to our approved suppliers and partners, a certain level of commitment is required from our members. Our program is built around bringing value to all parties involved (members, distributors, and manufacturers). That’s why members are asked to make 80% of their purchases through our program. This is enough to reach the amount on your Promise Letter, while leaving you the flexibility to source unique items.

It starts with our buying power. With over 850 members, we are able to negotiate a competitive price on all the items our distributors sell. Additionally, our program is built to reward members with discounts (on invoice) for larger invoices. Our manufacturer rebate program is strong, and because 100% of rebates earned are paid back to members, you benefit from a quarterly cheque that helps reduce food supply costs.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to join UNIPCO. The $4500 membership fee, which covers costs for the services we provide, will be recouped from the money you save with UNIPCO over the course of your first year as a member. This is a one-time ‘payment’ that you don’t really pay – for a lifetime membership.

Our distribution partners pay a small percentage to cover our overheads and the surplus is paid back to our members on a proportionate basis.

Completely. Upon joining, each member receives a copy of our financial statements. Annually, we provide you with financial statements from the previous year. This is in addition to monthly purchase reporting and quarterly reviews.

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