Watch Matt and Ann take a few moments to break down the UNIPCO commitment.

Negotiated Pricing & Constant Price Monitoring
Over $5,000,000 in Rebates Paid Annually
100% of Rebates Paid to Members
Members share all profits
$120+ Million in Purchasing Volume

Watch Matt and Ann take a few moments to break down the UNIPCO commitment.

We all compete with chains.

As an independent food service operator, you’re not just competing with restaurant chains down the street – you’re also up against their army of professional purchasers, marketers, and negotiators.

Truth be told, most independent foodservice operators fail because higher purchasing and operating costs reduce margins to the point where owners struggle to pay the bills.

UNIPCO is a 100% member-owned group of Canadian independent foodservice operators, with the purchasing power to level the playing field with national chains. In addition, UNIPCO is a Zero Retained Earnings organization, meaning that all UNIPCO members share in the profits.

Eliminate Sleight of Hand Pricing Tactics

We believe your bottom 20 purchases matter as much as the top 3.

Our Zero Retained Earnings Policy

It’s like owning a second business without all the work.

80% Compliance Flexibility

Giving us the leverage to secure great prices, and you the flexibility to buy outside the box.

The UNIPCO Promise Letter

We’ll hand you a Promise Letter that discloses the dollar amount you will save – and earn – in the first year alone – and every year thereafter.

We’ll prove our worth
through numbers.

Negotiated Pricing

Verified cost-plus pricing guarantees that every member is paying a competitive price across ALL items they purchase, not just their top 3 sellers.


“Aggressive manufacturer rebates are based on the combined volume of all members, with 100% of all rebates paid to members on a quarterly basis.


Checking invoices is time consuming. Were you charged the price or discount as promised? To save you time, UNIPCO verifies and approves pricing every month, and conducts random distributor and manufacturer audits.


There’s a lot more to running a foodservice operation than just food. UNIPCO sources and contracts professional services – from insurance to payroll to pest control. If you buy it for your business, think UNIPCO for ‘insider pricing’ first.

Our Partners

Volume means value!

When you pool your resources with other UNIPCO members, you increase your collective buying power and open the door to brands you recognize and trust.

Meanwhile, distributors only have to deal with one party. It’s a win-win!