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Donnie and Jackie Aitken

Bluefin Restaurant

As owners of a small town restaurant we are pleased to be members of the UNIPCO Group. When we purchased the Bluefin Restaurant in 2008 it was already a member and we truly didn’t understand the rebates and benefits of this group. In saying so, we left UNIPCO and went to a competitor’s program thinking that it was better. As we soon found out, back door pricing was better on a few items and but the majority of items we purchased were higher and the rebate wasn’t as good. Within a short time we were talking to UNIPCO to get signed back up and were accepted to their program again. Our advice to other small businesses is to strongly consider the UNIPCO Group and talk with a representative. They are constantly working to stretch our dollar as far as it will go, Donnie and Jackie Aitken

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