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Eric Sloan

Eric Sloan, President UNIPCO

The challenges for the Independent Foodservice Operator have never been greater than it is today.  Government demands, trained labour shortages and ever increasing prices make it extremely difficult for the Independent Operator.

One of the biggest challenges the Independent Operator faces is competing with growing National Franchise systems and their purchasing power.  The Independent Operator can no longer continue to compete with National Franchise competitors who enjoy a 10% to 15% reduction in distributor purchase pricing.  The success of UNIPCO over the past 24 years is credited to the Members/Owners of UNIPCO who addressed this purchasing inequity.

The UNIPCO Staff and its Partners are committed to the success of each and every one of its Members and welcome all Independent Operators to consider the strengths and benefits of its combined Purchasing Power.

Eric Sloan
President & CEO


Ann Simpson, VP Program Development
Ann Simpson
VP Program Development
Matt Doiron, Vice-President Member Services
Matt Doiron
Vice-President Member Services
Debbie Chevarie, Member Support
Debbie Chevarie
Member Support

Maritime Provinces

Kelly Boucher, Member Support/Development New Brunswick
Kelly Boucher
Member Support/Development New Brunswick
(506) 252-2466


Francois Vermette, Member Services Québec
Francois Vermette
Member Services Québec


David Tunstall, Director Member Support/Development Ontario
David Tunstall
Director Member Support/Development Ontario
Donna McCallum, Member Support/Development Ontario
Donna McCallum
Member Support/Development Ontario