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Rosanno's Grill, Dieppe and Moncton, NB
Rosanno's Grill, Dieppe and Moncton, NB
Water Street Bakery and Deli, Summerside, PEI
Water Street Bakery and Deli, Summerside, PEI
Isaac's Way, Fredericton NB
Isaac's Way, Fredericton NB

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Joe’s Food Emporium - Wolfville, NS

Unipco Improves Your Bottom Line..!!
Unipco frees you from checking invoice as often, gives you more time for important tasks like: promotions, your restaurant, special menus etc...! 

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Resto Urban Dining

Having worked for a restaurant who was a UNIPCO member prior to opening our own restaurant, we knew that UNIPCO would help look after our best interests and bring us the best prices and rebates on products that we use daily, saving us both money and time! It was a no brainer!

Driftwood Restaurant

As a member of UNIPCO, I have a much larger buying power than I could ever obtain standing alone and no purchase/supply company making money selling to me. On top of this someone else is doing all the negotiations and tracking of pricing for me. I get to run my Restaurant knowing, my purchasing is solid and UNIPCO are constantly watching the pricing. You are only one rebate cheque from understanding it.

Gateway Café

My name is Susan Gobeil, I have been operating “Gateway Café” within the Ontario Police College for the past 15 years. I was approached by Penny Ainlay on behalf of UNIPCO last year. I was very impressed with the UNIPCO philosophy and joined the UNIPCO family shortly after my initial meeting with Penny. I have continued to be impressed with UNIPCO’s attention to detail and their unwavering efforts to save my business money. I had been approached by numerous purchasing groups during the 15 years that I have been in business. However, I found UNIPCO’s approach to be refreshing and Penny’s explanation of UNIPCO’s ideology was very clear. I have every confidence that UNIPCO is consistently looking out for the best interest of my company and hope to continue my partnership with UNIPCO for many years.

Bluefin Restaurant

As owners of a small town restaurant we are pleased to be members of the UNIPCO Group. When we purchased the Bluefin Restaurant in 2008 it was already a member and we truly didn’t understand the rebates and benefits of this group. In saying so, we left UNIPCO and went to a competitor’s program thinking that it was better. As we soon found out, back door pricing was better on a few items and but the majority of items we purchased were higher and the rebate wasn’t as good. Within a short time we were talking to UNIPCO to get signed back up and were accepted to their program again. Our advice to other small businesses is to strongly consider the UNIPCO Group and talk with a representative. They are constantly working to stretch our dollar as far as it will go, Donnie and Jackie Aitken

Rossano's Italian Grill

Having managed the purchasing in a large restaurant company I know how much money is on the table in rebates and better pricing. I joined UNIPCO because I need someone working on my behalf to secure the best pricing and the all the rebates available on my purchases. It is like having a professional purchasing department as a small independent business. It allows my wife and I to focus on our customers and their needs and not have to be looking over my shoulder to see if prices are creeping up or if I am getting full rebate credit for what we do buy. UNIPCO has been a great asset in the development and success of our business and I strongly recommend it to other independent business people.