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The Spot Restaurant
Mount Forest, Ontario

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March, 2013

A fourteen-year-old girl is told she has a job busing tables in a local restaurant. She reports for work at The Spot Restaurant in Mount Forest, Ontario, and Dana Logan never actually leaves this employment opportunity to do anything else.

Today, Dana is the owner of The Spot Restaurant, and a mother of two young children age four and three. The 86 seat family styled menu restaurant serves the central rural Ontario community pop. 5,000 + ( 2011 Census) of Mount Forest, located two hours north of Toronto, and the daily volume of hungry travelers on Highway 6.

Dana took on the seven days a week responsibility of being the owner,  five years ago as of April 2016."The day the deal closed to purchase the restaurant, I also found out I was pregnant with my first child," says Dana.

My life has been a whirlwind since then, but I love what I do she says. We open at 6 am and close at 8 pm and are busy all day, especially at noon for our lunch menu usually with a full house.

"I did take the time to study training to be a nurse, but in the end, I came back to working in the restaurant. I like the people and the constant challenge every day of serving good food to good people".

We have a restaurant staff of 20, and I take various responsibilities on so that I know how to do every job in the restaurant. My mom, Marie Plume is my partner, and she does the restaurant books. She was a legal secretary for 29 years, but when I said I wanted to buy the restaurant, she came along for the ride. She also bakes the homemade pies, which are popular with our customers.

Another very popular menu item with customers for dessert is our rice pudding.

"Our most popular menu item is our Fish and Chip plate. Our customers rave about our homemade fish batter, so we keep preparing our fish batter recipe. Homemade is more work, but people keeping asking for this menu item more than any other on the menu, so we keep doing it".

" Our menu features home baking, and we make all our desserts. Our sauces on the menu are also made in our kitchen. We promote our home cooking menu items. Our customers appreciate the effort we take to make everything ourselves", says Dana.

Dana, who grew up in Mount Forest, spent over ten years as a waitress at The Spot before she took over the business. I worked at every job except chef, and last year I worked at that as well.

"I am fortunate to have a great staff, many of whom I worked with over the years before I took over as owner. When the former owner said she wanted to retire, I asked if I could buy the restaurant, and she said yes". 

"I  do not have a lot of restaurant competition where I am, but I work hard on promoting our restaurant. We have a new website with a lot of pictures of our menu items and a promotional newsletter. We are on Facebook, and Instagram as often as I can. It all helps".

We get a lot of summer travelers in the area, and our promotions help keep our volume up. Our staff have been here at this restaurant for a long time, and they know the customers. They are a key to customers returning again and again. I have a great staff, and I am proud of them. Our staff make our success with every customer.

"My biggest thing about UNIPCO is the rep. We have a good (member) rep, and that makes it easier to deal with the problems when they occur. You know that you have someone who can help you when a problem happens. UNIPCO is good for that, and for my prices.

" I like my customers. I like that every day when I come into work there is a different challenge. I believe that if you are willing to work hard, success usually comes to you".
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“The best spot in MoFo”
Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile”   

The Spot Restaurant is my home away from home! I've been staying in Mount Forest off and on for the past couple years for work and to visit friends, and visiting The Spot has definitely become part of my daily routine. 

When I first came to Mount Forest for work, I was staying in a hotel and had to order takeout. The staff at The Spot made me feel right at home. 

The owner Dana and her expert wait staff (the prettiest girls in Mount Forest) accommodated any off-menu requests I had. The ingredients were all fresh and just like you would get at home. Their turkey is roasted in-house, the salads are always fresh, and the homemade soup changes every day (they must have at least 20 soups in rotation and they're all awesome)!

Behind the scenes, The Spot is like a well oiled machine. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is fresh and well-plated. The dining area is immaculate, as are the bathrooms. The front staff couldn't be more courteous and helpful, and the back of the house is more than capable of executing any request. Portions are large, prices are very fair, and the food is awesome!

Visited December 2015

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