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Mylar and Loreta's Restaurant
Singhampton, ON

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December, 2012

Historic Atmosphere Meets Great Food For Great Success.

Mylar and Loreta's Restaurant
Grey Country Road 124
Singhampton, ON

When a rich history meets a popular highway to an even more popular location, then a great restaurant can flourish.
Mylar and Loreta's Restaurant has the rich history with a romantic twist and a turn of the century building location. The restaurant is located on the Grey Country Road 124, which slices directly towards Georgian Bay, from southern Ontario. The historic principal highway connector passes through last, or first, depending on your highway direction, Singhampton. (2011 pop 13,734) to Collingwood and Georgian Bay. 
The rest of the success story is "awesome home cooked meals”, as a plot to round out the love story inspiration in the naming of Mylar and Loreta's Restaurant.  Three decades ago, restaurant owner, Sandra Hamilton, migrated northeast from the University of Western Ontario. She waitressed in a then popular Collingwood area restaurant.
As her son Spencer Ridding, now working with Sandra in the business says, "she found herself working 100 hours a week. She made up her mind that someday she should work for herself".
"One day a customer mentioned the option of buying a restaurant. Sandra's customer was traveling to an auction in one of Singhampton's storied, historic buildings.  Sandra went to the auction and bought the restaurant equipment. The restaurant had operated in the former hotel building for the previous eight years.
But what to call this new restaurant venture?
Enter the historic connection to a romantic story, now featured on the restaurant's website. The romantic legend of Mylar, the sailor, and Loreta, a local beauty of then 1,800's era Singhampton.  The town is named after early settler Josiah Sing. A poem on the About Us website page explains how Mylar sent for his fair lady to join him. She traveled on a ship in a storm on her way to join his life, she was tragically lost to the storm.
Even more history dating to the 1850's, the current restaurant location was first one of two taverns in the original village. One of the two first hotels, was first named Upper Hotel, and then went through many name changes over the years, finally becoming the Hampton House hotel. Enter Sandra Hamilton 30 years ago into the timeline, and the heritage brick building is now home to the historic story as Mylar and Loreta's Restaurant.

"My mother, Sandra is a firm believer in home cooked meals are what people want, and will travel to have for taste and quality," Spencer says.
"We specialize in our menu with our most popular dishes, which are Roast Pork, Roast Turkey, and our signature Prime Rib plate. We serve a lot of hardworking farmers in the area and people who do hard outdoor work daily, and they want a home cooked meal", he says

"We put a large serving of mashed potatoes on our plates along with a generous serving of three types of vegetables. Another thing my mother is firm about is including soup and salad with each entre. It is harder financially for us to include soup and salad today, but we are a traditional restaurant, and our customers appreciate it. It keeps our loyal customers coming back for more, and they do refer their friends."
"We are fortunate that our business volume keeps growing each year, and we don't want to do anything that stops that. A good referral among friends is as important as a good review on social media today. We publish our reviews, and we have good referral reviews on Trip Advisor, and on our Facebook/Twitter pages".
“Worth the Country Drive!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 4 weeks ago
"My husband & I went here for brunch on the recommendation of my coworker. What a little gem of a restaurant this is. It was very busy and the hostess asked if we had made reservations - oops, we had not. That didn't seem to matter as we were seated in a lovely spot right away. There were a lot... 
Mylar and Loreta's is open 10 am to 9 pm, seven days a week and has breakfast available till 4 pm every day with a large breakfast menu.
"Our building, while historical offers a main floor dining room, plus three private dining rooms. These upstairs room can accommodate up to 12 or more in one, another is up to 18 guests, and a third larger room can seat between 28-36 guests. We are licensed for up to 180 guests at any time in all four dining rooms. "

"Our dining rooms accommodate having a family birthday party of up to 40, which allows a family to have a private dining room experience. Our extra dining rooms allow us to handle bus tours and groups so we can get them in and out easily in a short time period". We are a popular location with tour bus operators for that reason".
"We are also strategically located on the snowmobile trails here in this area of Ontario, so we get a four seasons availability of customer traffic. We are lucky to get as many people passing through as we do. Where once highway travelers went to the Collingwood Shipyards, today they visit for our seasonal attractions. We are fortunate to have a lot of regular customers, says Spencer."
"We are a member of UNIPCO for three years or more. UNIPCO is a great company for us to be associated with in our business. We appreciate the UNIPCO cheque on our purchases when they come in. UNIPCO works pretty easy for us and is a great partnership for our business".
“Costs are constantly going up, and for us, hydro rate costs in Ontario are our most difficult cost. It keeps going up and up and is always increasing for any small business in Ontario”, says Spencer.
“Mylar and Loreta's restaurant business success formula is keeping our great customers and continuing to find ways to keep providing them with great food”.

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