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ARL Group Inc.
Moncton & Dieppe, NB

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January, 2013


Two Brothers, Three Assisted Living
Location Challenges to Meet


Auberge Du Soleil
125 Rue Aucoin St.

Dieppe, NB
Résidence Oasis Residence
855 Rue Amirault St.
Dieppe, NB
Résidence Moncton Residence
270 Rue John St.
Moncton, NB

Serving customers in a restaurant location every day is a challenge. You never know what you are going to get as a business challenge each day.
Preparing 5,400 weekly meals in an assisted-living community of several hundred residents, located in three separate locations is another level of challenge. A business management challenge that brothers Marc and Pierre Ouellette are accepting to meet on 24/7 basis.

The Ouellette brothers are business partners in several successful business operations throughout New Brunswick. They operate their three modern, assisted-living residences through the ARL Group Inc. (Atlantic Retirement Living).    
Both brothers are active in the daily management challenge of the residences. Their business goal is to provide “a home where our residents are happy, family members enjoy their time visiting, and our employees are content.”
Pierre completed his business administrative degree at L’Université de Moncton. He subsequently completed his insurance studies at the George Brown College in Toronto. He added a Managing for Consistency at the Tennessee Associate International in Chicago Illinois. Pierre obtained his general license with the Insurance Institute of Canada.
Marc graduated with a Business Administration degree from the L’Université de Moncton. He completed his Insurance Studies with the Insurance Institute of Canada and obtained his General License. Marc is also enrolled in the Business Master’s Degree at the L’Université de Moncton.
 Pierre and Marc have many business interests including an independent insurance adjusting firm along with a commercial real estate company, and other businesses.
"We have always held a vision of getting into home care facilities”, says Pierre.

“Auberge du Soleil, which we initially purchased, is also our flagship residence model.  We used our experience with this building design to recreate the design of the Moncton Residence. Our third location facility is Residence Oasis, which along with the Auberge du Soleil are located in the neighboring City of Dieppe, to Moncton”.

"We employ seven chefs in our three locations where we serve 5,400 meals a week. Assisted living is a business segment with a lot of business challenges, not the least of which is being a 24/7 community with a variety of needs. We employ a trained staff of PSW workers to assist our population."

"Our menu process is somewhat different than that of a restaurant. In advance, management and our chefs develop our proposed recipes and menu items internally. Then, the menu is reviewed by our nutritionist and head nurse for their evaluation and input. When we are in agreement, the menu is implemented by the chefs. We do this twice a year".
"Everything we serve is homemade in our kitchens, and we have an internal bakery. We know that residents evaluate their satisfaction with their home here by their meals, so we put a lot of focus on our dining menus. There are always three choices for them to choose from in their meal menu choices."
"We know we are doing well with our food service menus when the residents say they look forward to their meals. We put a lot of our time and energy into our foodservice. We make this effort because it is so important to our residents' satisfaction with where they live.  Our residents are our customers, and when they are happy, their children and family members are happy. Food preparation is a big part of our business success formula."

Our business is a constant challenge because of the 24/7 dependency that our residents have on us and our kitchens seven days a week. We cannot be out of something over a weekend, so we have to have consistent order fulfillment, and an attentive distributor to our food product needs".
"Our distributors have to carry the inventory we need when we need it. Our chefs meet with the distributor's representatives frequently. Their conversations are focused on price and product consistency, as well as being in better control of product cost changes. Freshness is a big issue for us, and for our residents, especially in produce and fruit.”
"Mathieu from UNIPCO is very attentive to our distributor needs. We all have been through a difficult period in the changeover to Capital Foodservice. Mathieu and our kitchen team have put a lot of time and energy into this changeover. He helped pull us through and made sure we were up and running. It took about 45 days of difficulties, but we are up and running now, and Mathieu's commitment made a big difference for us.".
"It took hard work and commitment from both sides, but we are satisfied that UNIPCO and Mathieu are good business partners for us. Good business service builds rapport, and that has helped us maintain our commitment to UNIPCO".
"We work endless hours seven days a week keeping up with the demands of our business, and so we expect the same dedication from our business partners."
Marc and I have a great relationship in business operations. We respect each other's opinions even when we differ in opinion. We work our business together every day.”

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